PULSE is a dedicated team of experts that know all there is to know about digital communication. From console to email, social, mobile, and desktop. PULSE understands how to define a brand's tone and voice in any media in any format.
The UX designers at PULSE are like mad scientists but with less explosions. By constantly researching, testing, and wire framing, PULSE turns awesome UX Design into a science.
When you don't want to look at cat pictures on the Internet PULSE has you covered. Staying up to date with the latest web trends and technologies means the experienced team at PULSE is always prepared to create awesome web experiences.
PULSE thinks mobile first. By designing responsively, big experiences are even bigger on small screens.
When the game is over the consumer shouldn't have to stop. PULSE's Game-2-Web projects let the consumer stay connected long after turning off the console. Awesome right?
Through a mix of customer research, market analysis, and pure expertise PULSE has created and launched multiple large scale digital revenue programs. Who doesn’t like more money?
The PULSE team lives online. Each team member knows what’s big, what's awesome and when myspace is going to finally make a comeback.
PULSE stays informed by continuously analysing competitor's products, researching new trends and user testing. Some say PULSE knows all there is to know about digital. They might be right.
A brand is not a logo
Digital Branding

Nor a corporate identity or a product. It’s a feeling about a company, an experience, a moment. Specifically, an EA SPORTS moment. That moment happens every time a consumer interacts with the EA SPORTS brand. Those moments need to be exciting, engaging, and memorable.

Mindblowing UX Design
UX Design

We develop great EA SPORTS user experiences that start with the game console and then extend to all aspects of EA SPORTS products and services. It helps when you know the brand and it's consumer as well as we do. Because of this intimate knowledge, we understand that at the heart of all these user experiences lies the EA SPORTS brand. We just blew your mind, didn't we?

100% Organic Mobile & Web Development

Our team of genetically engineered super nerds (awesomeers) will build your site in no time at all. We understand that the experience doesn't end at the game, it carries across the digital landscape and we have the skills you need to make that happen. The experts on our team have mastered responsive design for mobile and tablet, CSS3, HTML5 and all other aspects web development. Added to that our experiences all have seamless loading speeds, and bullet proof browser support to ensure they work fast and they work everywhere. 

Digital Innovation

Partnering with Sports Label and franchise teams to bring new digital commerce and engagement programs to our products and gamers. From console to web  and from capabilities to full in-game implementation . . . we can partner to cover your digital program needs. Examples of current programs are: Season Ticket subscriptions, EA SPORTS Arena skilled gaming, and PS3 Day1 digital purchase in demo\early release.